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We have almost 50 years of experience offering our customers affordable low-rate insurance quotes. We can compare insurance quotes for you so you can get the one you need.

Meet Matthew

Matthew serves as President and CEO of Matthew Glass Agency. Matthew’s background in banking, agriculture, and insurance provides him with a unique insight to properly analyze your insurance needs. Matthew works with insurance companies domestic and abroad to customize an insurance plan that meets your specific needs.

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Our mission at Matthew Glass Agency is to provide our clients with insurance products that cover our clients’ specific needs at the lowest possible price while providing out of this world customer service.

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    Welcome to my blog about finding the cheapest car, homeowners, and term life insurance. To find cheap insurance in West Memphis, Marion, or Forrest City, you need to be with an independent agency. An independent insurance agency can help you compare insurance quotes to make sure you get your insurance at the lowest price. Feel free to call the Matthew Glass Agency today at (870) 732-0707.

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